Content moderation has never been so easy! You can now cut down the costs, time and efforts required for manual moderation of user generated content as our profanity control system will do it for you automatically and really quick.

FingerTips Global has developed a high-profile profanity control system that moderates user-generated submissions like text, images, and videos. Our profanity filtering system is highly reliable as it will scan the given content with precision and remove all the unacceptable or vague text, images or videos from it.

With our APIs, you can ensure complete protection of your brand from user attrition, trolls, online predators and bullies who disrupt the online community. Don’t let the expletive content disrupt your brand image in the market.

We provide our SAAS based profanity filtering solution as a third party service by allowing the clients to enroll with us for API integration. Our APIs are suitable for profanity filtering and image and video moderation through blogs, forums, community groups, real-time chat applications, online form submissions, social media apps, ratings, reviews, customer communications and almost any project that gets user generated content.

Protect your brand and users from right now. Get your hands on profanity control system offered by FingerTips Global.