Image compression helps in reducing your file sizes while allowing you to store more images in a specific memory space. The compressed images can sent over a network, internet or can be downloaded easily and really faster than the usual images. FingerTips Global presents image compression software that can minimize the size of your images drastically without degrading their quality. Now you can get high quality images in lesser sizes as well.

Our image compression software can cater to the requirements of digital as well as the print industry. It provides intelligent image compression to reduce your printing and publishing costs without comprising on the quality of the images. Even with lower ink consumption, high image quality can persisted for printing needs.

Image attributes like file format, color space and resolution can be optimized for specific output intent. Precise images with retained brilliance and colourfulness can be produced even after compression with our image compression software. This would means better cost savings, high quality images and better profits for the print and media firms.