FingerTips Global offers software system that automatically detects the faces from any uploaded content or image file. It is a remarkable software application that can easily and automatically identify a person from digital image or content.

This automatic face detection system recognizes the faces of popular figures present within the uploaded images or publicly accessible web page content and tags them.

How it Works?

  • Upload the content, image files or URLs to our API in batches or individually to be analyzed
  • The service will detect faces and returns scores for faces that meet the minimum threshold

Applications of Face Detection & Tagging Application

Our automatic face detection & tagging application finds its applications in various industry sectors like manufacturing, insurance, retail, education, news and entertainment etc.

Based on SaaS model, our software is offered to third parties as a service through API integration. This is a desktop based and server based application that can detect faces from any web page content on server or image on a desktop.